Project Management

We offer full-service well installation services, including project management. Let us handle the cost estimates, site study, water well design, specs, pumps, permits and more!

Well Planning Guides

Learn about the types of wells we install and see our in-depth well planning guides, including artesian, gravel and point wells.

Technical Services

Well Water Connection’s full-service solutions include installation and maintenance of artesian, gravel and point wells, filtration systems, testing, trenching & more!

Thinking of installing a well? Problems with your well? Got ugly rust stains?

Our in-depth consult will show your our full slate of services, including installation, stain removal and more!
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Types of Wells

  • Point Well

    Point Well

    The Point Well is the simplest, most inexpensive type of well to install.

  • Gravel Wells

    Gravel Wells

    Gravel Wells rely on water that travels through spaces in loose sands and gravels.

  • Artesian ‘Bedrock’ Wells

    Artesian ‘Bedrock’ Wells

    Artesian Wells are generally deeper and fitted with submersible pumps and motors.

  • Artesian Wells vs. Shallow Wells

    Artesian Wells vs. Shallow Wells

    Shallow Wells rely on water that travels through spaces in loose sands and gravels.

Well Water Connection is an Eastern Massachusetts-based company specializing in well water project management, well design, pump service, installations and more.

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